Stay protected

Vaccinations, also known as immunisations, play a key role in keeping you healthy with MS.
Learn how to work with your neurologist to build a vaccine plan that's right for you.

Getting vaccine ready

Vaccine-preventable infections can lead to relapse and worsening of MS symptoms, so it's important to take precautions that minimise risk.1 Vaccines can help to protect you from viruses before they become a problem.

Some MS treatments can impact the effectiveness of vaccines more than others – your doctor will take this into consideration when building a personalised plan to get you vaccine ready.1

It is a good idea for MS patients preparing to receive a vaccine to refer to any relevant local health authority guidelines and consult their treating physician for tailored advice.

Before receiving any vaccinations, you should speak to your neurologist. They are best placed to consider your individual circumstances and develop a vaccine plan that is right for you.

When building a vaccine plan, your neurologist will consider:

Your current health (including any MS flares)

Your medical history

Any medications you’re taking

Factors that increase your risk of infection

Vaccine type and safety

Vaccination do’s and don’ts


  • Ask your neurologist to help you build a vaccine plan
  • Stay up to date with vaccinations recommended by your neurologist
  • Share any concerns you may have with your neurologist
  • Follow local guidelines to reduce risk of exposure to viruses


  • Get vaccinated before considering speaking to your neurologist
  • Stop taking your MS medications without the advice of your neurologist
  • Take unnecessary risks that increase likelihood of exposure to viruses

To learn more about vaccinations and MS, create a list of questions to ask your neurologist below.

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