Managing MS

Managing your MS is a collaborative partnership between you and your neurologist. Finding balance in how you manage MS across the different parts of your life is about achieving the quality of life you want.

MS and your wellbeing

Managing your MS is a collaborative partnership between you and your neurologist. Discussing your concerns and goals can help raise new strategies and options for keeping your wellbeing on track. A healthy diet and nutrition are important parts of wellbeing. Management strategies for MS may affect your diet and nutrition. For example, some treatments may need to be taken with certain types of food, or they may affect your appetite.


Talking to your neurologist can help you better understand any food considerations and nutrition requirements for managing your MS.


For tips on keeping your energy up, view our Diet and Nutrition page.

Tips for finding balance

Finding balance between the different aspects of your life can be important for managing your MS. Balancing work, family, and social plans can have unique challenges. Management strategies and treatments can carry of risk of side effects, which can affect how you feel. Keep in mind, the goal is to reach your desired quality of life while looking after your wellbeing.


1. Lifestyle changes like exercise and a healthy diet can help you feel less fatigued.

2. Collaborate with the people in your life to create schedules that promote balance.

3. Give yourself time between plans. Not every day needs to be busy.

4. Talk to your neurologist about how you feel and if you can improve your quality of life.

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