Be intimate

Sex can still be a part of your relationship despite MS.
Learn how you and your partner can keep your sex life active.

Knowing how to deal with the sexual issues that arise from MS can help you address these challenges better. MS can impact intimacy and desire for sex in different ways, either as a result of:

MS directly

Reduced libido

Changes to sensations

Vaginal dryness

Erection issues

Reduced orgasmic response





Bladder and bowel problems

Psychological factors


Body image

Talk about it

Not only can discussing your problems or concerns address issues and avoid misunderstanding or isolation, but talking about your needs and what you enjoy can help you discover new ways to excite each other.

Plan it

Making a small effort to plan ahead can ensure that intimacy is a priority for you and your partner.

Make it fun

Intimacy might not be the same as it was, but think of it as a chance to try something new, such as massage oils and toys.

Ask about it

It may feel embarrassing, but your neurologist can help you address some of the issues you may experience with intimacy. It’s easy to forget to ask about intimacy during your check-ups, so remember to use the Ask your neuro tool.

Questions you could ask your neurologist

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