Balancing quality of life

Balancing parts of your MS could help achieve the quality of life you want.

Some aspects of MS, like gastrointestinal side effects, can impact your quality of life.

Talking with your neurologist may help identify ways to bring balance to your quality of life.

MS and your quality of life

Living with MS can involve balancing symptoms, medicines, and day-to-day life.
Part of this balance is working with your neurologist to find and maintain a quality of life that is suitable for you.


Your feelings and experiences with your MS and its management are a crucial source of information for your neurologist. Discussing your MS, including ‘invisible’ elements—the kinds of things that may affect your everyday life, but you’ve learned to live with them—gives your neurologist a better understanding of your experience, and can help improve shared decision making.


Treatment side effects are an example of something that can affect quality of life while being tolerated. For example, a range of gastrointestinal issues can arise with MS, but may occur more frequently from MS treatment strategies or changes in diet.

GI issues






Weight gain


There are a number of reasons why these gastrointestinal issues may exist and talking to your neurologist about your experience with them can help identify options to manage them, and help bring balance back to your quality of life.

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