Stay in touch

You may not feel like catching up with friends all the time but keeping in touch can help you avoid isolation.

Socialising with MS

Maintaining relationships with your family and friends or creating new ones is an essential part of managing your emotional health. Here are some ideas to keep you social.

Make time

Set aside some time to keep up your social life

Manage expectations

Tell yourself and your friends that you won’t be able to do all the things you used to and sometimes you’ll have to cancel unexpectedly, and that’s ok

Plan to do things when you feel most energetic

Work out which time of the day you’re at your best and plan activities around it

Work together

It's not all up to you! Ask your friends what you can both do to keep in touch

Take it easy

Think about some activities that you can do together that don’t require much effort

Set aside time to recover

Catching up with friends may leave you feeling fatigued, so plan to take some time out afterwards

Questions you could ask your neurologist

Select which questions you would like to ask at your next appointment

What list?

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