Caring for children

Raising children can be challenging even without MS. Although changes in your abilities can be distressing, learning effective strategies and putting them into practice can foster healthy relationships.

Raising a family despite MS

5 tips for mothers

Communicate openly

Encouraging your children to express their feelings can help relieve anxiety and knowing how they feel will make it easier to resolve problems or ease concerns.

Be honest about your limitations

If your children understand that you won’t be able to do things at times, they’re less likely to feel let down or disappointed.

Ask for help when needed

Depending on their abilities, empowering your children to help you can bring you closer together.

Identify activities that you can enjoy together

Focusing on activities within your abilities means you can still share in each other’s lives and create rich memories.

Prepare them for sudden changes

Relapses happen, so talking about them in advance with your children will give them an opportunity to express any concerns or fears.

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