Being there for loved ones

Even though you may not know what to do, your support can make a difference. These strategies can help you provide the support that's needed for your loved one with MS.

7 B’s of being there for a woman with MS

be inform

Be informed

You don’t have to become an MS expert, but understanding a little about the basics will give you more confidence to support your loved one with MS.

Be prepared

The unpredictability of MS is one of the challenges that your loved one will face. Planning for possible outcomes, including emergencies, can help you continue running your life as smoothly as possible and give you a sense of security.

Be flexible

Remain open to change so you can overcome the obstacles when MS symptoms change unexpectedly.

be aware

Be aware

Some of the most challenging MS symptoms to manage are the ones you cannot see. Fatigue, pain and memory loss or thinking problems can be easily misunderstood.

Be organised

Familiarise yourself with the support and services available to you and seek out the benefits you’re entitled to.

be open

Be open

Discuss issues or outcomes but remember to respect the feeling of others and be prepared to face a range of emotions, such as fear, anger, grief, blame, depression and denial.

Be practical

Consider some changes that will make household and personal tasks easier and help out with the little things when you can, without taking away your loved one’s independence.

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