Preventing pregnancy

If you're sexually active but not planning to have children, you may need to consider which contraceptive option is right for you while receiving treatment for MS.

Contraception and MS

Falling pregnant while taking medicine to treat MS is not recommended as the treatment may harm the developing baby.

If you do fall pregnant, you will usually have to stop taking your medicine, which may put you at risk of a relapse.

There are a variety of contraceptive options available; you should talk to your neurologist about which method is best for you and your partner.

When choosing a method of contraception, you should consider:

Potential drug interactions

Comfort and ease of use

Potential side effects


Drug interactions between medicines you may be taking to treat MS or its symptoms and a contraceptive may reduce the effectiveness of either medicine.

To learn more about contraception and pregnancy while receiving MS treatment, create a list of questions to ask your neurologist below.

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