Take control of MS without compromising what’s important


You and your neurologist will make many tough decisions about managing your MS. To get the most benefit from treatment, it’s important that you have your say so you don’t sacrifice the things that matter to you.


A key step to being more involved in consultations is understanding more about the issues that affect you and the choices you can make. With greater confidence, you can ask questions and openly discuss your needs to help you and your neurologist make better informed decisions.


Start owning your MS story – use the Ask your neuro tool or continue reading to learn more about women with MS.


Your life, your needs

MS is at least two to three times more common in women than men and usually begins during childbearing years.

As each new chapter of your life begins, your needs will change. Learn more about how MS and your treatment will impact your health and lifestyle decisions and what you can do about it.

Be in charge of your MS

MS doesn’t have to overtake your life. With a little knowledge and some practical advice, you can learn to live well with MS.

Everyday strategies to reduce the impact of MS on your life 

What causes MS and its long-term effects

Advice for supporting women with MS